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Ourspecialist team will support you every step of the way

We carry out a personalised consultation with you to find out the specifications of your business and the requirements that your business has of a banking provider. Once completed, you will receive a list of UK banking providers that can meet the needs of your business. After understanding and assessing the options, you will be able to decide which provider is best and how you would like to move forwards.

  • We will arrange a personalised consultation with a specialist
  • You decide which options are best for your business
  • Understand and assess the options available to you
  • You decide how you would like to move forwards

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You already have...

You already have...

...a business bank account in the UK but are concerned that the bank you are using may close your account
You are...

You are... expat in the UK and would like a bank account for your personal requirements, or a multi-currency account
You are...

You are...

...a non-UK resident and you are wanting to set up a company in the UK but haven't started yet
You want to...

You want to...

...find out more about choosing the right currency broker that is suitable for your business requirements
You are...

You are...

...a non-UK resident, already have your company set up and require a business bank account

You... overseas for both business and pleasure and want to find out the most efficient way of spending

Get the right support with ourbanking andcurrency exchange services

Bank Accounts

Choose the right bank account for your business as a non-UK resident

Currency Exchange

Find a great currency exchange provider to support your business

Bank Accounts for Expats in the UK

Personal bank account support services for expats working in the UK looking

Spending in the UK as an individual

Get the best rates for your travel and personal transactions
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