Bank Accounts for Expats

Personal Bank Accounts for expats in the UK

It is important you choose theright type of personal bank account as an expat

Bank Accounts for Expats in the UK

If you are an expat in the UK, you may wish to consider setting up a personal bank account for your day-to-day banking transactions. You may be working, travelling or living away from your country and using your own regular bank account for your financial affairs could prove expensive. Many banks charge high fees for sending funds overseas, and also currency exchange rates are usually not desirable when using your own regular bank account. This means that each time you make a transaction, you will be loosing out. There could also be limitations on your regular bank account which would not provide you with flexibility and ease in managing your finances.

Local Currency Account

You may wish to consider opening a local currency account if you travel abroad often. There are options to set up currency accounts in US Dollar, Euro or Sterling and this enables you to access your money easily. Life is complicated enough as it is, so choose an account that is easy to manage, easy to access and easy to check balances and make payments. Another benefit to having a local currency account it withdrawing funds. Withdrawing money from an ATM in a difference currency to that or your debit card can prove incredibly expensive.

Setting up a UK bank account as an expat could prove incredibly beneficial for you, not only just for ease in managing your finances but in being the most cost efficient and keeping a tight rein on your international transactions.

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