Currency Exchange for Personal Travel

Currency Exchange for Travel and Personal Transactions

Currency exchange providers to get thebest rates for your travel and personal transactions

Providers for non-UK residents

Do you travel abroad for business or pleasure? Then most certainly you will have either changed currency in your own country to spend overseas, changed currency in the airport, last minute, at a dismal rate, or you use your typical debit or credit card which can be expensive.

The typical and most common way is to use a currency exchange broker in the high street which usually can give good rates, depending if you have planned far enough in advance.

However now numerous providers have come into the market offering an account that comes with a debit card, offers competitive exchange rates and they allow applicants from a wide array of countries. The useful aspect with these providers is that they provide a service that allows your debit card to be linked with an app on your phone so you can track your spending as well as tracking the live currency exchange rates that are important to you. This means you can achieve far more value for your money overseas which ultimately makes spending far more enjoyable.

Typical providers that support this service are Revolut, Monzo and Travelwise. To find out more keep on reading below.

  • Open an account in minutes
  • Spend & withdraw money abroad at excellent rates
  • Travel, health & phone insurance
  • Send & request money in seconds
  • Personalised security on your account
  • And more!

Who can apply?

Revolut currently supports legal residents in the European Economic Area (EEA), Australia, Canada, Singapore, Switzerland, and the United States. Worldwide is coming soon!

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