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You will need a business bank account if you already are or are planning to do business through a limited company. If you require assistance in setting up a limited company in the UK please contact us as we can support you with this.

Yes. We have helped thousands of clients globally seek out the best options that work for them and their business. And once presented with these options we are able to share what the banks requirements are and also how to apply, saving you valuable time that you could be spending on your business.

Not necessarily. There are many different types of banks out there, some require you to be present in the UK to apply whilst others you are able to apply online. It really depends on what level of service you require in your business.

Yes this is correct for some banks. They require you to have an activated sim card for verification purposes and for completing the application process. If you do not have an activated UK sim card we can help you with this and organise this for you. The problem you will have with ordering a sim card on your own accord is that will not be able to activate it unless you are in the UK, and you will also not be able to put credit on the sim card, to’top it up’, unless you have a UK payment card registered to a UK address. We can help you with this, just contact us for more information.

Once you have chosen the banking provider that you believe is right for your business, we will share with you the requirements of the bank, make any necessary introductions, and also share with you the necessary application forms. What we will not do is give you advice on the best bank accounts for your business as it is up to you to decide which bank you wish to apply for. What you can be assured with is that we will only provide you with banking options that are suitable for your requirements.

Yes, the best thing to do is to get in contact with us and will then be able to establish which other banks could be suitable for you and your business.

Yes, there is a fee for our service, however this depends on the circumstances of you as an individual and also your business. Once you have got in touch with us we will find out exactly what you require, and we will then let you know which service you qualify for and what the fee will be. We look forward to hearing from you.

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